My Truth- Why I want to Blog.

I have spent several years debating whether or not to put my voice out there. Maybe because I figured that what I have to say isn’t so awe-inspiring. I don’t always have a very good filter for telling the truth about what I think. But I figure what the heck? If I’m the only one that ever reads my blog, then at least I feel like I got my opinions out there and there were honest. Maybe I secretly do hope that no one reads them. That way I won’t offend anyone with my honesty.

At 35 I have had some life experiences that originally taught me that the best way to fit into society was to do as I was told. Be a good girl, go to church, don’t cuss, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have sex until you are married, volunteer your spare time, go to work, smile, say please and thank you, dress well, be respectful, pay your bills on time, don’t embarrass your self, make good decisions, plan for the future, stand up straight, TELL THE TRUTH.

Now, I am the first to admit that at times I have broken every single one of the rules that were set out and given to us by our society. But the one that I was always most disappointed in myself in breaking was to tell the truth.

I understand that in today’s society we can’t always be 100% truthful with people.

“Does this dress make me look fat?’  or “He didn’t call me after our date, do you think he still likes me?” or “We can totally increase revenue by 20% in 10 days right?” These types of questions immediately trigger a little white lie or two that must be told.

But I think what has always bothered me is our fantasy as a society to lie when it really isn’t necessary to either save face, or hide how we truly feel to impress others.

I live in Kentucky, a state where conforming to our home grown, down south, right winged and bible belted roots is almost built into us genetically, or hammered in to us from the day we are born. Unfortunately for me I am not much of a conformer.

I have spent a lot of time pretending that I liked something, or supported some side, or believed in something that I actually didn’t just so others wouldn’t look at me as an outcast. I never told the truth because the truth was not acceptable.

But now, after years of following the path that was made for me, I have finally decided to make my own path. One of truth and honesty. Like it or leave it.

We often spend years sitting in the shadows of our own truth. Trying to decide if we should say the thing we want to say the moment we want to say it.

So this blog is a tribute to my truth. Keep following me as I dive into my honest thoughts about issues we encounter every day.

My Truth.


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