In Memory

In 2009 I lost my grandmother. Baba. She was someone who had been through it all in her life. I really respected what she had done as a woman and as a community member. It was hard for me to process losing her and the only way I knew how to express my self was in a poem. It was probably the first time in 7 or 8 years that I sat down and wrote something that was meaningful to me. I read this at her funeral. I hope that it helped some of my family cope and maybe it can help someone else.

When the Angels Came (for her)

They say Angels walk among us
And guide us on our way
And though we cannot see them
I know they are here today
Can you hear them whisper?
They say that she is here
And if I close my eyes
I can almost feel her near
As I reach out to touch her
And stroke her solemn face
I know all her pain is gone
And she is in a peaceful place
Today feels like we are falling
And our world has been torn apart
But I know her soul forever lives
In our memories and in our hearts
The angels say they’re sorry
For the sadness this day brings
But they remind us not to worry
Because today she gets her wings


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