America has spoken. 

My final thoughts: The people spoke. The popular vote, the real vote, was for Hillary. This archaic thing called the electoral college gave trump the election. Something developed and never reviewed in over 200 years made an archaic man president. It is what it is. I accept it but will not defend it.  
It’s all woohoo now, but in a year’s time, how will those outlandish comments and promises made translate? I Live in a state where it doesn’t matter what I say in all reality. So I am forced to stay silent on my actual opinions.  
They have it; the senate, the house, the judges and the oval. Rural America has spoken. Lord have mercy on the rest of us. We can’t have buyers remorse on this one. We have found a way prove to the world that we accept that glitz and glamor outweigh experience and prescience. Emails be damned.  
We have awarded a nursing student the privilege of operating on a brain cancer patient. 
So I accept what they have done just as they accepted what we did in 2008. And I hope that my son grows up in the next four years in a world that wasn’t awarded power based on distaste of the past. And is instead, guided by people that know how influential they really are. I can only hope that our political advisors, senators and house can restrain their mental patient.  
I bite my tongue because I am forced to by my surroundings. I see the reality of the actual divide we all face. And I hope that the promises made, the people assigned to defend our future, the expectations we have been coerced into were worth it.  
And I hope that we are not viewed as a weak country by our allies and our enemies. Though we should be.  
For those of you that threw away your vote to third parties, or didn’t vote at all, know this….. you did make a difference. Is it the one you wanted to make?  
And please, spare me the replay of Trump quoting he Bible. That laughable, eye rolling moment is already burned into my brain.  
And for those of you who have said “I don’t care either way, I’m just glad it’s over” ….. well you are the people that scare me the most.  


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