Poetry from the Past

Going through some old boxes I stumbled upon a folder full of poems I wrote decades ago. Some of them made me laugh, some made me cry, but they all made me relive the moments that inspired them. For some people I know, these poems are about them. I will never say who those people are…..hopefully no one will ever figure it out. But they are all about life….even if it was the life of a teenager. Funny how some things never change, and others do. It’s hard to imagine that I had these thoughts as a teenager

Part One: What I Have Learned (yes apparently as a teenager, I thought I had learned so much)

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you never win.

When life gives you a second chance, you don’t always have to take it.

Sometimes the truth does hurt.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a good relationship.

You can’t always trust your friends.

The only real secret, is the one you keep to yourself.

Sometimes the best communicator, is a good listener.

Forgiveness is a way of saying “I’m sorry too”.

What is true now, will also be true when I am older.

Just because you do something good, doesn’t mean you will get something good in return.

Honesty is not always the best policy

Sometimes the best result, comes from the simplest plan.

Jealousy is a reaction that comes without warning or restraint.

Once you have loved someone, they will always be a part of you.

The longer someone takes someone to answer a question, the better the lie will be.

No one is perfect, they are only pretending to be.

Begging for forgiveness is humiliating, and often a requirement.

You can still be wrong, even if you are never corrected.

Older men may be better in bed, but are often just as immature as younger ones.

Good relationships begin with strong friendships.

You will almost always get caught cheating in a relationship.

You should never go to bed angry… or hungry.

If a guy says he has feelings for you, but can’t or won’t express them, don’t force him to, it will only push him away.

You don’t get to choose how you are going to die, or when, but you do get to choose how you are going to live.

People say that women are the weaker sex, but a man with a broken heart is weaker than anyone.


Part Two: Poems

January 1997

In those days

What happened to good times

Where did all the laughter go

What happened to sunshine

Why does the world now feel so cold

Who took away our freedom

What happened to carefree days

What happened to living just for fun

Why do we worry our lives away

We hunger for our childhood

Lack of Responsibility

We reach out for old times

Where we want to live eternally

But the past is gone, we learn to move on

And life decides, how we will get by

In these days

Where did we put our hopefulness

Was it buried with our imagination

How do we get over this

When there is so much complication

When did we start changing

When did our lives grow apart

How do we let go now

Will time mend our broken hearts

September 1997

“I Thought I’d Won”

I thought that we had accomplished so much

From friendship to relationship, I longed for your touch

But it seems as though our love was not strong

We struggled until we could no longer hold on

You were the one who mad me glad

You made me cry when you were all I had

My heart was broken with simple words

I always listened but was never heard

I was devoted to you, heart and mind

But was shut out with words so unkind

My heart has been slowly torn apart

I feel for you, for you fill my heart

I can barely stand for you to speak

Because your words of love are not to me

So I sit in silence all alone

Hours spent waiting by the phone

Each time it rings I do not hear

Your sweet voice in my ear

I forever will long to be with you

But forever is too long to be hopelessly true

February 1995

“Together Forever”

For months I have loved you

But you never knew the truth

For hours I would daydream

Of just being with you

But someone else was around

And to you I wasn’t there

What others said was important

But what I wanted, you didn’t care

Once we were a couple

“How cute” people would say

But someone else came along

And from me, she took you away

I remember you in my mind

But in my heart, you are not there

I ask myself the question

Why do i still care

That is when I realize

That nothing is forever

And even though you are far away

In my heart, you will live forever

May 1996

“Always Remember”

I know now that you’re leaving

You’re feeling kind of sad

Youre leaving all the friends you know

And you’re one friend that I’ve had

You were always here to help me

When no one seemed to care

And when i needed a shoulder to cry on

You were always there

I know that tears will fall

But remember when i say

Don’t forget the times we shared

I’ll always remember you this way


February 1996

“Friend Nothing”

It’s amazing what you hear in the shadows

When no one knows that you are around

The truth will finally show itself

Where there’s no true friend to be found

Maybe one person started it all

But when other “friends” jump in

And try to tell them what I’m about

I guess I picked the wrong friends

I don’ mind if you see me cry

Because I realize you don’t care

So don’t act like you’re worried about me

When you’re the reason I am there


March 1998

“Keep in MInd”

There are so many ways to say how I feel

That i can’t even put them into words

A million emotions consume me

When the mention of your name is heard

We have been through so much together

That I hope by now I’ve proven to you

That no matter how life treats us

My love is genuine, honest and true

Sometimes at night when I’m alone

All those memories run in my mind

It’s amazing to me how i have this love

That I never intended to find

You’ve helped me grow in countless ways

And I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done

No one else could have changed me

I realize you were the only one

We have overcome so much

Built a bond that knows no time

And no matter who tried to take you from me

I knew deep in my heart you were mine

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me

No matter what emotions you are feeling

Because I will always try to understand

And help you in your healing

Sometimes life may not seem fair

And other days, things will seem bright

But no matter what happens during those days

You’re the last thing I think of at night


April 29 1995

In Memory of Adam Dickerson

Why did you have to go

Whey god took you , we don’t know

For a while we couldn’t believe

But then it really hits me

Your memory will always stay

Even after we go our separate ways

One day we will meet again, above in the blissful sky

Together we will rejoice there, but still we will not know why

Why god took you from us, who knows what you could have been

Your hopes and dreams were taken away, and from us, God took our friend

Just remember one thing, if in some way you can hear me

You’re loved and always will be, and we will cherish every memory


April 1998

“Looking Back”

He sat alone in a dusty room, holding an old shoe box

A single tear ran down his cheek as he lifted open the top

The wind blew through the room, scattering papers all around

He noticed a tattered picture and bent to get it from the ground

His mother, father and sister were in the picture with him

He stared at only his mother, closed is eyes and stared again

At the bottom of the box, there lay a golden frame

He slowly turned it over and whispered his mother’s name

She was just as he remembered her, perfect in every way

He knew that she was in heaven, and perfect she would always stay

His mother was so beautiful, too bad about her though

She died when he was only four, so much about her, he didn’t know

He put the things back in the box, and closed the battered lid

He knew he couldn’t bring her back, no matter what he did

He slowly rose to leave the room, ever so softly closing the door

With the box held tightly in his arms, he had what he’d come for


June 1997

“None of You”

You might use your eyes, but you cannot see

You might use your ears, but you don’t listen to me

You might use your feet, but only to walk away

You might use your mouth, but you have nothing to say

You might use your nose, but you can’t smell my fear

You might use your hands, but you can’t feel me near

As I gaze upon you, and think of all I see

I know that your cold heart, will never again hurt me


August 1996

“My Beauty”

I saw you standing there alone, under a star filled sky

Our eyes meet and you turn away, but then I did not know why

Now I know that it was me, that pushed your eyes away

For on the outside I’m not as beautiful, as on the inside I will always stay

I realize I’m not perfect, but if you’d take the time to see

That under this cloak I wear, beneath dwells the real me

The shy, timid and hopeful side, that I rarely ever show

I wish you would take the time, to let our friendship grow

When you see when we first meet, is simply in imperfect cover

But what appears on the outside, may on the inside, be some other


June 2002

“Life’s a Journey”

I never dreamed when i was young, that this where I’d be

I never thought someone so wonderful, would fall in love with me

LIfe’s a winding road we follow, leading us through each day

And once we reach a fork in the road, we must choose a way

Through the years I’ve chosen the wrong way a time or two

I would not change  the path I chose, because they all led me to you

I believe there was something out there, guiding me down those roads

I never expected such great things, from the past few paths I chose

Thank you for walking with me, through all the turns and twists

But most of all, thank you so much, for proving that love exists

I know that there’ll be rocky paths, that you and I must face

We will find our way together to a much more tranquil place


June 2003

“Two Brothers”

A Childhood not worth the memory, a father without a face

A mother with no remorse, and no one to take her place

Two brothers share one story, but only one could break away

The youngest left to bear the burden of why the other couldn’t stay

Year of life quickly passing, lives changing every year

One brother longing for the other, to make both their lives more clear

A mother’s disappearance, the young boy put in a home

A hopeful older brother wanting to make right what once went wrong

A love so strong and true, a bond of blood and pain

Two hearts to mend one another, and live to start again




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