Socially deleting your past 

I can’t help but notice that we always try to portray a part of ourselves that isn’t always the truth on social media.  We only show the world what we want them to see.  Those “happy” memories and realities that we think are what people want from us.  

And the moment that things go awry in our lives, we are so quick to “delete” them. 

It’s like the moment we realize a relationship is over, we want to delete every electronic memory that ever existed. We exist in a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram reality. Like those social media venues define who we are.

In our most happiest we will you make sure that the world knows how happy we are by posting pictures, checking in, sharing statuses in all of these venues. We want those posts to be “liked”, to be “hearted”, to be shared with the world so that people know we exist.  So people know they happened.

But then what? What happens when those moments we held so dear become bitter, nasty, replaceable memories? What happens when the person with us in those pictures, in those memories, become replaceable in our lives?   What happens when our happy becomes sad? delete deleted delete. 

I been victim to the deleted post, or the Untagged picture.  And when you realize your memory has been deleted….. it’s like whatever piece of joy was accociated with that memory becomes dim.  It no longer matters to them.  So should it even matter to me?

Social media is so funny, so cynical, because of such actions.  Because let’s all be honest, the moment we meet a new person we “friend” them on social media of some sort. And the digital tag of our history becomes public to that person.  And some of you want to appear so squeaky clean.  

I have never been a person who “untagged” someone, I have never been someone who deleted a picture because of the historic value of it. Because every aspect of my life has been an open book.  (Well maybe I have deleted a few…. but I have never completely obliterated the memory of a person or event) 

But what has always been a mystery to me, is how the moment changes in a relationship of any kind, friendship, relationship, work friendship… Whatever transitions.  The first instinct we have as a culture is to “erase” every traceable evidence of it. 

All moments I’ve ever posted on social media are moments I have experienced in my lifetime and are a part of me. And if someone wants to social media stalk me for whatever purposes, they will find the truth.   

But what I wish people would actually do is just be honest with themselves, with her life and with their social media.   I mean if the moment was special enough for you to share with the world at one time….. why is it so easy to erase? 

We have all experienced happiness, sadness, heartbreak, betrayal, success, failure, anger, loss, friendship, and so much more that’s indescribable.   And we have all posted about it.

What is the point in deleating it? Are you embarrassed, are you ashamed, are you regretful?  Or are you just hoping that people will forget the fact that those moments ever existed?

Trust me…. I have had moments where I wished I thought twice about clicking “post”.  But I did it.  And it’s part of my story.  

The beauty of life is that it is imperfect.  And people would be able to learn so much more about us, and appreciate so much more about our lives, if we were able to accept our own imperfections.  

Post what you want, but don’t delete it because it changes.  


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