In Another Life 

“And I was reading about different theories about the universe. I was really taken with this theory that some very credible physicists believe in something called the multiverse theory. And it states that everything that is possible happens. 

That means that when you flip a quarter, it comes down heads and tails. Not heads or tails. Every time you flip a coin and it comes up heads, you are merely in the universe where the coin came up heads. There is another version of you out there, created the second the quarter flipped, who saw it come up tails. 

Every second of every day, the world is splitting further and further into an infinite number of parallel universes, where everything that could happen is happening. There are millions, trillions, or quadrillions, I guess, of different versions of ourselves living out the consequences of our choices. What I’m getting at here is that I know there may be universes out there where I made different choices and they led me somewhere else, led me to someone else ” 

Excerpt From: Taylor Jenkins Reid. “Maybe in Another Life.” 

What if we could choose which universe we  got to be in?  What if we could go back and choose a different path at one moment in our lives? Would we end up right back here? Or would everything be different? 

What moment would you choose? 

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